Each owner of a suburban area is engaged in the arrangement of the fence. It performs several important functions, from marking boundaries to bringing harmony to landscape design. Modern fences are made from different materials, and it is possible to choose an economical or respectable option.

At all times, wooden fences were especially popular. And today, they are relevant, in high demand, despite the emergence of many new materials. Wooden fences have advantages that distinguish them favorably from their counterparts.

The Functional Purpose Of Wooden Fences

There are many photos of wooden fences on the Internet. Before choosing the best option, you need to decide on the fence’s functions. Wooden fences:

  • mark the boundaries of the site;
  • protect against unauthorized entry;
  • reduce the level of street noise;
  • ensure the privacy of private territory;
  • enclose a potentially hazardous area.

Low Decorative Wooden Fence

A fence can perform several functions. For example, a continuous wooden fence protects from dust and noise prying eyes and is one of the important elements of protection. A decorative wooden fence with high aesthetic values ideally decorates the landscape, but practical functions are not assigned.

Brilliant Benefits Of Wood Fencing

One of the fundamental factors in the popularity of such structures is high aesthetic performance. It is enough to look at photos of beautiful wooden fences on the plots to be convinced of their attractiveness. But this is not the only advantage of such fences.

The advantages of wooden fences include:

  • variety of species;
  • no need for labor-intensive large-scale work;
  • availability of materials;
  • simple installation of structures;
  • maintainability offenses;
  • reliability and durability.

Regardless of the specific requirements that the owner imposes on the site’s fencing, he will be able to find the best option in the model range of these structures. Numerous photos of wooden fences posted on the Internet will help you decide.

Wooden fences are lightweight. It is not required to create reinforced bases using supports of increased strength. There is no need to perform time-consuming excavation work. It will only take digging holes for poles.

Suitable lumber can be easily found in any region. There are large and small woodworking enterprises in every region. Transportation of material does not create special difficulties. Various modes of transport can transport it.

It is not necessary to hire specialists to create a fence. Any owner of a suburban area can cope with this work. Systematic instructions and photos of do-it-yourself wooden fences are on many sites. The work does not require professional multifunctional equipment welding machines.

In case of damage to a wooden fence, it will not be difficult to restore it. Picket fences boards are always on sale. The ecological purity of natural material eliminates the risk of negative impact on the atmosphere of the human body. Now in woodworking, effective impregnations are used, which give resistance to moisture biological organisms. This ensures the durability of the structures.

To save costs, some homeowners install a tree-like corrugated fence. These materials qualitatively imitate the natural counterpart provide proper attractiveness. But such a fence will not qualitatively protect against street noise like that. In addition, a corrugated fence cannot be original.

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