Traffic and overcrowding on the beaches lead many people to seek alternatives to alleviate the heat. In condominiums, the pool is no longer seen as an additional cost in condominium fees but as a benefit. Thus, if your building does not have a swimming pool, it is possible that requests will increase in the summer or, more frequently, the renovation of the place with the installation of a deck by deck builders in San Antonio.

In some buildings, the request comes from the residents of the penthouse. But, after all, what are the precautions for installing a pool deck? What materials are suitable for doing so? Check out some tips that can help you get this installation right with deck builders in San Antonio.

The installation location needs to be proper

When choosing to install a pool deck, the first step is to opt for a deck builders in San Antonio company to do so. This company will be able to guide you if the place has a weight, which size and layout are appropriate for the environment, which materials are suitable, and which regulations must be followed.

In the case of a work in only one unit, such as the roof, it is necessary to see what is defined in both the building statute and the descriptive memorial.

Does the pool deck have to be wooden?

When choosing the material to make a pool deck, it is important not to be carried away only by aesthetics and to think about other points such as ease of maintenance, durability, safety, and resistance to the weather conditions to which the material will be exposed.

For example, if the site is not covered, it is possible that different treatment is necessary if the material chosen is wood.

Today, there are alternatives to wood. One of them is porcelain tile, which, even aesthetically, can often be confused with wood, such as the evolution of materials, and it has the benefit of easy cleaning and maintenance.

Another option is plastic decks, which do not require frequent maintenance. In all materials, it is good to also analyze their usability and risks. For example, porcelain tiles need to be non-slip, avoiding the incidence of falls and falls, which can lead to serious health problems.

What to guarantee when installing the deck?

The quality and reputation of the service provider that will install the deck are essential. Find out which documents you require from the company.

But, before thinking about installing the deck itself, it is necessary to make a permanent waterproofing to avoid inconvenience. Do you imagine having to remove the deck from the place to discover that there were infiltrations?

Unfortunately, this type of situation can be repeated every 3 or 5 years if the waterproofing method used is not definitive.

In the roofs, care is doubled, and it is also necessary to count on the various deck builders in San Antonio specializing in building rooftop swimming pool decks, as it is necessary to make a structural calculation in order to analyze the load that the work can support.