Rietvallei Wines Owner Kills Himself Following Negative Social Media Campaign

Rietvallei’s ‘John B‘ wines have been stocked in Pick ‘n Pay and our sources have confirmed that Johnny Burger was concerned that the negative social media press would lead to his wines being pulled from Pick ‘n Pay shelves.

Flippie’s biggest supporter, and most vocal Johnny Burger detractor, was leading something of a crusade on social media, before his suicide this morning. Carin Papenfus was spreading the word about Flippie, using the hashtag #flippie to create awareness. Some people on social media thought it was a spam campaign (see below).

Tweets also show a similar response to any tweets that Johnny Burger, his son Kobus, or the Rietvallei feed would send out. See screenshots below.

The article to which Papenfus links to in the above Facebook post is this News24 article. The article does not make mention of Rietvallei wines, but it does mention the article subject’s friend as one Johnny Burger – not the same person as the Rietvallei owner.

SOURCE: 2 Oceans Vibe

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