Nuuskommentaar: Terreur van die “internetgwarre”

Die onlangse bydrae van dr. Piet Croucamp tot Maroela Media se Groot Debat het ‘n stroom reaksie ontlok. Byna voorspelbaar het ‘n deel van die kommentare, of eerder, kômmintare, juis die stereotipes wat Croucamp geskets het, “bevestig.”


Seun verkool glo weens verwarmer

ʼn 11-jarige seun van Johannesburg het Dinsdagoggend in ʼn huisbrand verkool.


Meet the $100,000,000,000,000 man

by Martin Sherrard It’s a cliche, but Zimbabwe was once known as the breadbasket of Africa. Now it’s the basket case of Africa. Its large-scale agriculture meant that it produced enough food for its people and there was a surplus that was exported. No currency: Dirty, tattered US dollars have replaced the worthless Zimbabwe dollars. But…


Astronomers identify 12 asteroids close enough for mining

Researchers from the English University of Strathclyde have found 12 asteroids that could be easily blasted into accessible orbit and subsequently mined. According to the MIT’s Technology Review, the team analyzed a list of 9,000 near-Earth celestial bodies relatively close to our planet in search of those that could follow into the so-called “Easily Retrievable Objects”…


Raped, tortured and set alight, Free State

57-year-old Vivien Pontè died a horrifying death in the small town of Oranjeville in the Free State on Sunday 11 August.   Ponté’s mutilated body was discovered by her neighbors and the police at 10am on Monday 12 August. It is believed that she was raped, tortured, strangled and set alight in her bedroom some time Sunday night. Her workers got worried when she didn’t come out of the house early on Monday as she usually does. There were also signs of burn marks on the outside of the house above the windows. The only room in the house that had been torched, was her bedroom. The rest of the house had been plundered and blood spatters were visible on the curtains and walls. Ponté lived alone and had no children. She was well know for her charitable work and loved by all in her community. According to police, she died a horrific death.  


Blosende dames oor kaalnaelers

Twee jong mans studente het vrouestudente bloedrooi laat bloos toe hulle verlede Saterdag tydens die hoofwedstryd van die intervarsity op Shimlapark oor die veld gedraf het.   Die twee studente…


Om Op Jouself te Vertrou

Luk 18:9 En Hy het ook met die oog op sommige wat op hulleself vertrou dat hulle regverdig is en die ander verag, hierdie gelykenis vertel. Luk 18:10 Twee manne…


Elderly man murdered in Bulwer, KZN

Family members discovered the body of 81-year-old Michael John Poval in the trunk of his car on Sunday 11 August 2013. The Police in Bulwer received a frantic phone call on Sunday night at 23.30 to report a murder at a house in the Bulwer Village near Pietermaritzburg in KZN. On arrival Police found the body of Michael John Poval (81), lying in the trunk of his car. He had sustained an open wound to his back, inflicted by a sharp instrument. On Saturday, 10 August, at about 15:00, a friend of Mr Poval delivered some food and found his house to be open. She couldn’t find him and placed the food on the dining room table and left. She returned the following day to check on Mr Poval at about 16.30 and found the house still open and discovered that the food had not been touched. She contacted his family. They came to the house to search for Mr Poval and discovered his body in the trunk of his…