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The Afrikaner Domination of the Boers: How it was Constructed

OPINION – The following, I hope, will be an informative explanation contrasting and outlining the difference between the once notable historical differences between the two main White Afrikaans speaking groups as I have discerned from spending time examining the history of the groups and the region in question.

Political Correctness Liberal College Indoctrination Documentary

VIDEO – Political Correctness Liberal College Indoctrination Documentary. Indoctrination and pressurizing of students on American college and university campuses with liberal, cultural Marxist, politically correct ideology. Harassment of conservative students accusing them of “racism” for denouncing affirmative action.   DURATION: 88 Minutes (01:28:05) SIZE: 358 Mb SOURCE: Archive

Video: How to tell if a Lion or Elephant is about to charge

KRUGER PARK – The following information is provided in the hope that it will contribute to safe interactions between tourists and wild game. Professional hunter and ballistics expert, Don Heath, talks us through the body language of African game. His job is to make sure his clients don’t get killed and to teach other professional hunters how to stay cool…

The Triumph of Black Racial Communalism

OPINION – RW Johnson, formerly Director of the Helen Suzman Foundation in Johannesburg, says black racial communalism conquered Mandela, the ANC, then the SACP and now the Democratic Alliance (DA). The triumph of communalism During the middle 1990s I used to see Helen Suzman more or less weekly. Buoyed by her friendship with Mandela, Helen […]

History – Kill the Boer: Before and after 1994

BEFORE 1994 Despite a land treaty signed between Piet Retief and Dingaan, the Boers were murdered and massacred by Dingaan during 1838. The British empire later continued the massacre of Boers with the scorched earth policy, in concentration camps and by sending prisoners of war to other countries during the Second Boer War. The Boer Republics of the Orange Free…


The Power of Lies in the the Media

Trust is earned through the test of time, not through marketing and self-acclaim. Africa Check has, by their own admission, only been in existence for short while, yet they proclaim themselves trustworthy beyond reproach?

Boer Women in the Anglo-Boer War

One of the most glorious pages in the history of the Boer nation relates to the work of the women who fought side by side with their husbands against the hordes of murderous Zulus in the days of the early Voortrekkers. It is the story of hardy Boer women, encompassed by thousands of bloodthirsty natives,…

The Day A Bomber Hit The Empire State Building

While the Americans commemorate the events of 9/11, not many South Africans now that a similar event took place at the end of of World War 2. This is the story. NEW YORK – On July 28, 1945, residents of New York City were horrified when an airplane crashed into the Empire State Building, leaving 14 dead. Though the events…

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